Tuesday, 4 December 2012


A great opening night for the 2nd year students exhibition  'Amalgamate' last month.
The wonderful Jenny Kee opened the exhibition.  The students were very excited when Jenny said she would be happy to come down for them. One of the students, Anna pictured below said they all squealed like girls at a Justin Bieber concert when they heard. I think the comparison would be a new one for Jenny. On the other side of Jenny is my very talented knitting teacher Rohani.
I have always been a big fan of Jenny's work, so I politely made way to the front and hung on her every word and I was also lucky enough to meet her and get her autograph . 

I was able to get pictures of some of the students work .

This is the work of Mollie Roberts.

These works by 'GUS' are really out there.

The woven and embroidered jewellery is  by Anna Woodruff of 'Almost Francesca'
catch her work at WWW.ALMOSTFRANCESCA.COM'

There was lots of great work by the students I am sorry that I was only able to get a few photo's, the venue got very crowded very quickly. 

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