Monday, 23 May 2011

Felting Day

Spent a lovely day yesterday felting with my niece.I showed her how to nano felt and wet felting.
In the photo you can see her nano felting I am so proud of her.The way the colours were combined was really clever and the scarf looks wonderful.

I started nano felting, I was being creative making circles, but the pink felt was different and kept lifting. So I pulled them off the silk scarf laid out a few layers off ruby felt placed the circles on top some more ruby felt
around the edges and I ended up with a cute short scarf that my sister loves (thank goodness).

After making our scarfs my niece showed me how to needle felt. Using a book she received as a gift, I was guided through the art of bunny making. 

Carefully watching my fingers from the barbed needle I poked and poked little felt bits until something that looked like a bunny appeared. 

My niece made the traditional grey bunny and mine is the out there orange bunny.
It was a great day I always love spending time with my niece.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Well here I go feet first!

This is scary. I am not a great words smith but bear with me while I babble on about the things I like to create. To get started here is some previous work.

The quilt on the left is my daughters 21st birthday quilt. This was 2 years ago, it's hanging in my guilds ( North of the Yarra Quilters ) 2009 quilt exhibition. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Pinks and beiges are not really my colours but it looks great on her bed.
Our quilt show is bi-annual so it's on again this year, I hope my son has kept his quilt clean because I want to enter it this year.

The next quilt pictured is my daughters friends 21st quilt. It's a stack and slash quilt with piano keys top and bottom.
Again I was very pleased with finished quilt.
Hanging next to the quilt is my girlfriends bag made by me. Thats all I had in the exhibition that year. It was enough being on the committee and trying to put the exhibition together.

I better take some more photo's of things I've made so I can show off.

Yours in Stitches
Margaret Louise